You know how Target is, right?

Before I can anxiously say goodbye to my restaurant addiction, I’ve needed to do two things: prepare my dining and cooking areas, and eat at a few of my favorite places.

One of my Overexcited Phase goals was to get new adult-like plates, bowls, silverware, and real (gasp) glasses made of glass. After a great night at work, and also needing
to grab some overdue holiday gifts and tampons, I set off for Target. I could surely find some relatively inexpensive, plain white plates at Target.

These are the things I came home with: thick yoga mat, purple yoga block, hand warmers, cheap gloves, a scratch-off lottery ticket, dog food, a soda, and an orange massage stick with pointy massage balls. These things are not very kitchen-y. I’m an excellent to-do list writer. Very thorough. I am also terrible at following through. You know how Target is, right?

Next project: clearing the dining room table before January 1. After I bought my house in September and moved in officially at the end of October, it became a catch-all spot, as many people’s tables do. I painted the walls and trim, ripped out and replaced the floors in the entire house, and removed a junk ceiling fan/light combination. Here’s where we’re at:


And over the next year, the baseboard trim will be installed and the trim paint touched up, a large painting hung behind the table, and an electrician to do some rewiring and install a nice modern light fixture with antique bulbs. A restaurant filled only with my favorite people, and the foods I create with lots of love for those people and nourishment for myself.

Next up: dinner at a nice southwestern restaurant with lovely coworkers who radiate happiness. I think it’s going to take me awhile to master making tamales, and I can’t wait to eat a few from one of my favorite places in town.

And tequila. There will definitely be tequila.


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