Apple compote quinoa breakfast

This breakfast looks pretty ugly, and happened out of an accident and some serious whining, but damn it was delicious. It was like eating dessert for breakfast and not feeling too terrible about it.

My best pal offered to come over this morning and keep me company while I had a Very Bad Day. I’d thrown four sliced and cored apples of two varieties in a tiny, one-setting crockpot last night, thinking I’d wind up with beautiful, gooey, soft, cobbler-like apples to put in my oatmeal in the morning. Instead, I forgot all about them until she said the house smelled wonderful, “like apples.” We were both hungry, I’d just finished a work out, and I’d forgotten all about the apples for at least ten hours. Realizing I was out of oatmeal, I subbed the only other grain I didn’t have to cook: 90-second heat-and-serve quinoa in individual serving packets.

I whipped up five eggs with black pepper, cayenne, garlic powder, and almond milk without much effort and a whole bunch of grumpiness, dumped the apple “compote-like” substance on the quinoa, and ran with it. Fuck it. The apples weren’t burned, just goop-y.

I probably would have thrown the whole plate at the wall had it not worked out. No, seriously. It was a bad morning. Dessert for breakfast was just about right today. Hopefully I can use the rest of those apples on top of some bear-shaped pancakes later this week!